Trash rules everything around me.

420boner: this one is a doozy,took benzos and mdma at a house party then guzzled vodka leaving 5 people in the lurch for rides home/place to stay, headed to town with friends, jumped a lambo dealership fence otw, went to a gay bar, headed to the upstairs dj booth via a dancers dressing room, proceeded to keep requesting 'niggas in paris' then stumbled around asking for smokes despite being completely incoherent before being kicked out, woke up the next arvo and spewed yellow liquid. too wavvy


turn down for what?

i need to get in on the auckland party scene


newgrounds etc


4chan was funny when we were all 17 living in our bedrooms listening to popol vuh watching daises drinking cough syrup while passing out on the floor ironically reinstalling minecraft again while we refused to eat because we pretended to be bulimic while smoking our older friends’ cigarettes looking at rick owens and independent Japanese designer shoes we could never afford except that one rich friend who lived in silicon valley that never sent us money so we’d order band shirts online and try to avoid our parents who were always deeply ashamed of us and blamed it on their own marital failure to rationalize that mysterious death grips poster in the corner and the smell of burned pot crisps in our closets while we debunked every side of the political spectrum and pretended to never masturbate because primitive bodily functions were below us as we’d rather experiment with strange opiates and record our naked friends passing out on skype acting as it was all okay because everyone was too out of their minds to make clear decisions hence why our profile pictures were all taken with under saturated filters accentuating the dark circles under our eyes and skype names referencing obscure humour only understood by one or two individuals which we kept secret from our  “irl” lives that had boiled down to two days of school a week because we were all so smart we never had to show up to maintain a 4.0 but we did anyway because maybe that girl sitting behind you in ap calculus might secretly want your dick ignoring it was more likely that she would actually be repulsed by you and your extensive history of ssris and benzos making us all look deranged and unique and now estranged from the old friends we used to have that now led lives we hadn’t a clue of outside of the things they posted on facebook about “havin a good time wit tu buds :P” and their affinities for pop-punk  we mocked for hours each day to keep up the remains of our crumpling collective elitism so the more pathetic among our clique wouldn’t try to off themselves again and wake up to another failed od that they would soon forget whether it was intentional or not but it didn’t matter because they could always argue their way out of questioning by pointing out fallacies rather than making points so we’d never have to admit we were wrong because then our self esteem would be too crippled to even leave the house and cry about the ex-gfs we never had

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by Stefan Brüggemann
Future Islands - On the Water

the diversity of colours is amazing oh my

i am such a big fan of ike tbh

did you guys ever do one of those things in primary school at the end of the year where you would decorate a piece of paper with your name and then go around the class and write nice things about the people. why did we stop doing that and can they please make it part of the university curriculum