Trash rules everything around me.


Akira Asakura

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just deleted 7 people on facebook because i want to maintain 420 friends at all times, i unfollow a lot of people because i dont really care about what they have to say but i dont unfriend them bc they’re people i might still want to contact one day.


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and my hourly rate for contracts has gone up $3!!!!!! 3 whole dollars!!!!!

welcome 2 the good liiife

i got a call out for a contract tomorrow and it was early enough last week that i could get out of work for it but they just text me asking if i could do wednesday as well but its too late to get work covered. sometimes u cant have ur cake and eat it too.

pocketsmasher replied to your post: cheek bones are so raw being told you …

no tooth removal means you can get one of them fly ass rain coats yea?

i ordered one anyway hehe

hustling hard over the next couple of weeks so it’ll be fine

cheek bones are so raw
being told you actually dont have to have a tooth removed is raw
game of thrones day is raw

去往九份的路上,雨下得滂沱。遠處的基隆港消失在濃濃的霧氣裏。綠色的階梯旁滿是粉色的小花,無人遊玩的秋千上落著枯葉,野貓只留下一個白色的背影。3月24日,九份,雨。 (by lilian-wong)


what about those posts that are like ‘i hate it when i have no internet’ they get me going!!!!! they get me all fuelled up!!!


saw t he saddest missing bunny poster today and then like directly after saw some dumb poster by hell about their dumb-ass rabbit pizza that was like stylised as a rabbit found poster but at the bottom it says the rabbit tasted delicious i’m going to kill all advertisers

I have a special hate for this kind of ‘edgy’ marketing. The Hell’s Pizza brand is terrible and so is every other ‘edgy’, ‘relevant’ brand like Burgerfuel. This girl in my class works at burgerfuel and she was telling me how they play music with curses in it and if someone complains they are basically encouraged to tell them to leave. Also they used a stupid topless girl advertisement to announce their free range chicken (chicken breasts!!! breasts!! boobies!why ya tity outQ!? THE IMPLICATIONS) and then tried to defend it by saying their marketing team girls came up with it GREENTEXTIMPLYING that suddenly abdicates that particular advertisement from the whirlwind of exploitative imagery of women that we face every day! Advertising is so horrifying, marketing is horrifying, i love it

living at home is swag because i can afford nice things